Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ribbon Share

Can you just never decide on which colour ribbon to buy or too scared to buy such a big roll of just one colour??

I have a SOLUTION: A Ribbon Share

Ribbon Share #1 - Satin Ribbon

You will recive a 1/8 share (1.7m) of each of our 13 stunning colours of Satin Ribbon for just $29.
What a great way to get all the colours you want without having to buy each one separately.

Ribbon Share #2 - 1cm Taffeta
You will recive a 1/7 share (1.3m) of each of our 13 stunning colours of Taffeta Ribbon for just $25.
Another a great way to get a great raqnge of riboons

All price include postage and handling.

As an added BONUS if you want to purcahse both ribbon shares pay just $50. That is a saving of $4 off the separates price.

All Ribbons above are  featured on page 137 of the Ideas Book & Catalouge. 

Click here to see the Stampin’ Up! Catalogues online. Or to receive your own copy of the catalogue just email me.

To take part contact me on my email which is and we can sort out payment details.  Please specify which share you wish to take part in (or indicate if you wish to be in both). I will be ordering ribbons when we have enough people to take part. I hope to fill at least one swap and maybe even a second. 

Thanks to Nerida for taking and sharing the photos with me

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